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Overflow Ice: Dangerous and Vital to Arctic Rivers

I was paddling down the upper Aichilik River in a small packraft. The Aichilik is a small, little-traveled river that flows north out of the eastern Brooks Range and across the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. It was mid-June, and the river, normally clear and blue, was running high and murky with snowmelt. My two clients were…

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Welcome Good News – Some Birds Adapting to Climate Change

I woke this morning feeling a desperate need for some kind of good news. Something to take my mind off, um, world events? I was grateful then, to open my email and find a news release about a new study of songbirds in Pennsylvania, published in the journal Global Change Biology. The researchers, Molly McDermott and Lucas DeGroote from the…

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Wildlife in a Changing Arctic

A few years ago, I guided a canoe trip on the Kokolik River, a little-travelled river in Alaska’s northwest arctic. Most people┬áhave never even heard of it. It flows north out of the Brooks Range and consolidates from its many headwater tributaries a short distance from the mountains. There the river cuts through the Utukok Uplands which consists of a…

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