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Overflow Ice: Dangerous and Vital to Arctic Rivers

I was paddling down the upper Aichilik River in a small packraft. The Aichilik is a small, little-traveled river that flows north out of the eastern Brooks Range and across the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. It was mid-June, and the river, normally clear and blue, was running high and murky with snowmelt. My two clients were…

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The Mysterious Gray-headed Chickadee

Gray-headed Chickadee. Ever heard of one? If not, you aren’t alone. In fact, very few people, even among passionate birders and researchers, have ever seen one. It may be the rarest regularly breeding bird in North America, and it is almost certainly the least known. There has never been a dedicated study of the species, some years go by when…

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Traveling Wildlife: Another consequence of the melting Arctic

I’ve said it numerous times: the north is changing, and changing fast. As a birder, those changes are obvious. Shorebirds are being affected by melting glaciers, songbirds, and other boreal species are moving north with growing shrubs, fires are changing forests, and how birds use those habitats. But no place is changing as rapidly as the arctic. I spend a…

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