Category: Neotropics

Endemic Birds of the Desert Southwest: Where are They?

If you’ve been following my Facebook or Instagram feeds, you’ll know that I’ve spent the last several weeks road-tripping through the western states of the lower 48. Along the way, we spent some time in the deserts of the Southwest. We spent a few nights each in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the Chiricahua Mountains of southeastern Arizona, and Joshua Tree…

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Looking South- Macaws return to Argentina’s Ibera

For the first time in nearly 200 years, Green-winged Macaws, an iconic bird of the Neotropics are flying free over Argentina’s Ibera Wetlands. (This post may seem a bit out of character for this usually arctic-centric blog, but I have a strong affinity for the tropics. As we fall deeper into winter’s darkness and cold here in Fairbanks, you can count…

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